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Feast of St. Stilian in Simitli

His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim celebrated Holy Liturgy in Simitli on the occasion of St. Stilian’s Day. There is a chapel in the city dedicated to the saint, who is also the patron saint of the city.

Many residents of Simitli Municipality, mothers with children, people from the municipal administration, the Chairman of the Simitli Municipal Council – Vladimir Hristov, the mayor of Rakitna village – Stefan Kostov, the People’s Deputy – Stefan Apostolov lit a candle in the church.

Believers came early in the morning to pray in the temple. It is a tradition in the city of this feast to be celebrated by Metropolitan Seraphim, who, three years ago, personally dedicated the chapel. The children from the Kindergarten „Joy“ Center, were in the church of worship. All the people prayed for the health and blessing of all the children of Simitli municipality, wherever they were.

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