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We celebrate all Bulgarian saints

The Orthodox Church celebrates Sunday of All Bulgarian Saints. Sunday of All Bulgarian Saints is the newest holiday in our Church calendar.

It falls after Sunday to all saints, which is a week after Pentecost. On this day, the Church pays tribute to all the historical figures living on our lands, who are canonized for saints.

The canonized Bulgarians are 104. Among them are twelve Bulgarian patriarchs and bishops, including Joachim of Tarnovo, Theodosius of Turnovo, Evtimii Patriarch of Tarnovo, St. Kyprian Tsamblak, four kings and princes – St. Prince Boyan-Enravota, Knyaz Boris the Baptist, Peter Bulgarian,  John-Vladimir of Bulgaria, three wars, eighty-seven canonized martyrs.

The Divine Liturgy was served in the Patriarchal Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky.

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