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The Apostles St. Peter and Paul

On June 29 we celebrate the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, two men whose dedication to the formation and sustenance of Christianity in the first century A.D. made them true pillars of the Church. Both men were chosen by Christ to minister to the world and both were given ...

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Patriarchal and Synodical Epistle on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of the establishment of the Bulgarian Archbishopric of Ohrid 10th June 2018

Beloved in the Lord children of our Holy Church, During the last more than half year, the attention of the Church and of the society in Bulgaria has been greatly focused on the neighbouring Republic of Macedonia and more particularly on the topic of the Orthodox Church status in this ...

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Премиерът Борисов ще се срещне с Йерусалимския патриарх Теофил III

Премиерът Борисов, както и делегатите с него – вицепримерът Томислав Дончев, просветният министър Красимир Вълчев, заместник министърът на външните работи и национален координатор по антисеметизма Георги Георгиев и кметът на столицата Йорданка Фандъкова, ще бъдат приети от Негово Светейшество Йерусалимския патриарх Теофил III. Премиерът Бойко Борисов замина днес на планирани ...

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