Начало / EN / Metropolitan John of Varna baptized 13 children

Metropolitan John of Varna baptized 13 children

Metropolitan John of Varna baptized 13 children. This happened in the Great Basilica of the ancient Bulgarian capital Pliska.

The worship was attended by Mrs. Milena Nedeva, Mayor of Kaspichan Municipality and Mrs. Tonka Nacheva, mayor of Pliska, as well as many nearby and far-off Christians, including thirteen children who became members of the Holy Church.

Metropolitan John began his speech with the words: „We are in the unique antiquity of the old basilica, which is a prototron in the Bulgarian church on the eve of the memory of the holy blessed King Boris-Michael. We have an extraordinary duty to this holy king in his prayer and intercession, „said the Metropolitan, adding that this year, for the fifth consecutive time, we have a great occasion of joy, through the baptism of many young men and infants. „These are two great sacraments experienced by all of you – the Holy Sacrament of Baptism and the Holy Sacrament of Anointing … and all of you will be adorned with the honest Cross, with the little cross that you receive in the Holy Baptism.“

Metropolitan John also noted that undoubtedly this event affected the entire Church and turned to the godfathers, telling them that they had a great responsibility for these innocent children, clean and still untouched by sin. The metropolitan urged godparents and parents to love these children and learn to love, giving them a good example. He thanked Mrs. Milena Nedeva, Mrs. Tonka Nacheva and everyone who contributed to the joy of that day.

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