Начало / EN / Church of Saint Seraphim of Sofia will be built in Sofia

Church of Saint Seraphim of Sofia will be built in Sofia

A new church will be erected in the Nadezhda 3 district, Nadezhda district. This is clear from the prepared report of Mayor Dimitar Dimov, which should be voted on Thursday at a session of the Sofia Municipal Council.

Municipal councilors must vote Establishment free and indefinite right to build the temple „St. Serafim of Sofia“. The Orthodox temple will be built on a 2194 square meter municipal area, 260 square meters of which will be the church, and the total built-up area will be 38 sq. M. The temple will be built and serviced, which will be located on 180 square meters.

At present, there is only one church in Nadezhda – the Holy Spirit in Nadezhda 2. And there are 3 in the Nadezhda region, with two in the village of Trebich – „St. Nikolay“ and in Ilientsi – the monastery „St. Prophet Elijah“. It is still unclear how much money has been found for building the church.

Credit:  stolica.bg

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