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Nicholas Javed: For Christians in Pakistan, nothing has changed

On May 27, in the city of Lahor, Pakistan, a suicide bombing has been committed that killed more than 70 people and injured more than 300. It was directed against Christians in the country. Responsible for it was the Taliban faction „Jamaat-ul-Ahhra,“ which has declared ties to the Islamic State.

„We wanted to send a message to Prime Minister Nabaz Sharif that we have entered Lahore, we can do what we want, and you can not stop us, our assailants will continue with the attacks.“

A witness of the tragedy becomes Nicholas Javed. „I’m sure that the world does not react so emotionally to the Pakistani bombing because people think it’s everyday life here, they just stop paying attention because it’s happening here,“ he say to OFF news agency. Three of his students are dying.

After the attack, Nicholas Javed told how hard the life of Christians in Pakistan is. What has changed for three years and how he has adopted Orthodoxy, he tells to Site Dobrotolubie

Tell us how you became Orthodox in one of the largest Muslim countries in the world?

I was raised as a Roman Catholic and I stared reading online about Orthodox Church in 2009. I came to know that they are traditional and mother Church of all Churches. So I decided to became an Orthodox, I contacted one Priest in Ivanovo, Russia by email, so that Priest asked me to visit Russia. He sent me an official invitation to visit Ivanovo and in 2011 I went to Russia and there I was Chrismated and I became an Orthodox in Ivanovo city. I spent 6 months there. I used to attend Divine liturgy every day and I learnt more about Orthodoxy. It was a really good experience. I visited many Churches and Monasteries, which helped me to grow in my spiritual life. In 2012, I came back to Pakistan.

Is the life of the Orthodox in Pakistan difficult, tell us about your parish?

There is no Orthodox Parish here in my city and there are no Orthodox Christians here in my city. Not only Orthodox, the life of all the Christians living here is difficult. As no good job opportunities are offered and we are suppressed at every field of life.

In 2016 performed bombing, which you were witnessing. How do you and the Christian community live after the tragedy?

After the bombing we live in fear. Only in the Christmas and Easter Season is the security provided to the Roman Catholic Churches and the community otherwise there is no security offered.

What would you like to tell to Christians who live in Muslim countries?

I would like to say to all of them to stay strong in your belief and faith. Trust in Jesus all the time. Pray regularly and be sure that Jesus is with you in all the hard times and He never leaves us alone. May Our Lord Jesus Christ continue to protect and bless us all. AMEN.

With Nicholas Javed talking Nikolina Aleksandrova

photo: OFF news agency

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