Начало / EN / Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte met Albanian Ambassador Donika Hodja

Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte met Albanian Ambassador Donika Hodja

Today, a meeting took place between the Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte and Her Excellency the Ambassador of Albania to Bulgaria Mrs. Donika Hodja.

Her Excellency thanked Patriarch Neophyte for honor and attention, as she shared that Bulgaria and Albania are countries with very close past and almost general history. „The Albanian church is younger than yours, which is one of the oldest in Europe with many traditions in time and the spread of good to the people“,  said Ambassador Donika Hodja, adding that more than 26% of the citizens of Albania are part of the Orthodox Church, and the temples are already over 1000.

„It is good to live in peace and understanding, we hope that the Balkan Peninsula will be a place of peace and lasting success in its modern and future development,“ said His Holiness Patriarch Neophyte.

The meeting was attended by His Eminence Bishop Polycarp, Vicar of the Metropolitan of Sofia, Archimandrite Vasilius, Protosyngel of the Sofia Metropolitan and father Nikolay Georgiev, Chief of the Public Relations Department at HolySynod.

Ambassador Hodja also said that Bulgaria is one of Albania’s biggest supporters for membership in the European Union, which on the other hand strengthens relations and relations between the two countries. She added that the Embassy of Albania is open to all initiatives and activities with which BOC-BP was willing to cooperate with the government of Albania and to support the Bulgarian minority in the country.

The meeting ended with wishes for future success, work and collaboration, as well as the opportunity for more frequent meetings and co-operation.

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