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Four new monks in the Zograf monastery – Mount Athos

During the all-night vigil of 6 April 7th, when Mount Athos was celebrated as the Annunciation, as the monastic republic was on the old calendar and then on 25 March, four new  monks  were cut into the Zografski Slavonic Bulgarian monastery „St. George-Victorious“. 

During the vigil, in the angelic order, the obedient Fathers of Presian, with the name Paisius and Kaloyan, became the monk Ephraim. On April 7, during the Liturgy, the obedient Andrew and Sergius, who became monk Ambrose and Monk Porphyrius, were cut off.

Under the mantle of St. Altar Kaloyan, Andrew and Sergius were brought out of their spiritual father, the abbot of the monastery, Shicharhimandrit Amvrosiy, and the novice of Presiyan, by his old man, Yerosimonah Cyril.


During the celebration in the church service in the holy cloister, about 100 guests from Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, Serbia and Macedonia took part in prayer.

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