Начало / EN / Bulgarian Patriarch Neofit met with Metropolitans of the Armenian Church

Bulgarian Patriarch Neofit met with Metropolitans of the Armenian Church

The meeting of His Holiness the Bulgarian Patriarch Neofit and the Metropolitans of the European Dioceses of the Armenian Church took place today in the building of the Sofia Bishopric.

The reason for the meeting was the wish of the bishops to meet the patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and to convey the greetings of the Catholicos to the Armenian Church of Karekin II. The 14 Metropolitans are here for the Synod of the Bishops of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church, which is held for the first time in Bulgaria.

„We have always felt like brothers and fellow countrymen,“ said Archbishop Tatev Hagopian, Archbishop of the Armenian Diocese of Romania and Plenipotentiary of the Catholicos in Bulgaria. „We know that the Bulgarian Church has an extraordinary role for the prosperity of the Bulgarian state“. Many thanks for the meeting expressed His Holiness and wished success to their meeting. „Our two peoples are small but heroic. The people sympathized with the suffering of the Armenian people and we have always tried to be useful to our two people … God be with us and have peace in our souls, „said the Holy Patriarch Neofit.

At the end of the inauguration Patriarch Neofit received an invitation to visit the holy places of Armenia and the meeting ended with wishes for future success.

Credit: Offisial website of BOC-BP.

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