Начало / EN / 1,000 children receive Christmas gifts from Romanian Diocese of Huși

1,000 children receive Christmas gifts from Romanian Diocese of Huși

More than 1,000 children and their parents filled the courtyard at the diocesan building in Huși, Romania on Tuesday to enjoy a Christmas program and receive gifts from the Church.

The 1,400 children from the diocese’s rural parishes filled the yard to overflowing, reports the Romanian Orthodox Church’s Basilica News Agency.

“I’m very glad that this yard is full of innocence, given the souls of all the children who, guided by their priests, have responded to our invitation to spend a beautiful evening of grace and joy,” noted His Grace Bishop Ignatius at the opening of the event.

“The Christmas holiday is always associated with innocence, because innocence itself is born,” Bp. Ignatius said, emphasizing how fitting the feast is precisely for children.

The children all received scarves with the Romanian colors, sang Christmas carols and patriotic songs, and enjoyed a wonderful fireworks display. The children also joyfully greeted Santa Claus, who came with the gifts for all.

The event was put on by the Huşi Orthodox Philanthropy Association, representatives from county and local authorities, and a number of other volunteers who distributed hot tea and pastries during the event.

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