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A 61-year-old man disappeared without a trace at Mount Athos

A man of 61 years has disappeared without a trace at Mount Athos. The man has left a note that is currently being investigated by the responsible services in the monastic republic, in order to find signs that reveal the whereabouts of the missing person.

The man lived with his sister, and his relatives described him as a friendly and polite person. According to his friends, the man was addicted to gambling. Only Mount Athos helped him to escape his passion, and over the years he was a zealous visitor to the monastic republic. The man stayed regularly on several days at Mount Athos, and then he returned home.

Before visiting Mount Athos and its traces, it is known that the man felt great tension on the part of his relatives, who pressed him in various ways to give up his passion. He is known to have arrived at Mount Athos on November 6th to make a regular visit to the monasteries. Monks said, that they had communicated with him after arriving on November 6th.

The exact cause of the man’s disappearance and his whereabouts is still being investigated, but is known to have disappeared on November 8th. Monks tried to find him, but found only some of his personal belongings. His clothes, as well as his visa with which he arrived at Mount Athos. Human belongings were found on stones near the Ksenofont Monastery. The note left by the man found by the monks writes: „I give my life to the Virgin Mary.“

Friends to the man note that before he disappeared at Mount Athos often began to visit the church and worship that was unusual for him, outside his visits to the monastic republic.

Text: Georgi Germanov

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