Начало / EN / Metropolitan Ioanikii: If love decreases, then iniquity begins

Metropolitan Ioanikii: If love decreases, then iniquity begins

„I suffer too much, and even suffer when I see how love is diminishing today. How people become cold, how they judge each other, how they do not feel the power of faith, the power of love, because the best known virtues are love for God and love for neighbors“, says  Metropolitan of Sliven Ioanikii for the feast of St. John the Theologian on Wednesday.

He adds: „You see what it is today. What riots, what discontent, what slander, what condemnations! But this speaks of the despondency of love, and when it is scarce, iniquity and terrible iniquity begins. Faith and love are great powers, but they go to the square to play, sing, and here they do not come to thank (in the temple) that God has kept them blessing them… there is no. How can this? From this I suffer, I suffer very seriously, because there are special programs, special music. And here is goodness, not there! From here is the source of love, not there! There is the secular part, which does not ennoble, does not lift the spirit“, says Metropolitan Ioanikii.

At the end of his sermon he thanked the Christians who went to the solemn worship and glorified St. John the Theologian, who undoubtedly has a holy and holy life. It offers me and you to see the sermon of Metropolitan Ioaniki.

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