Начало / EN / Today is marked one year since the death of Bishop Konstantin of Markianopol

Today is marked one year since the death of Bishop Konstantin of Markianopol

Today marks one year after the death of Bishop Constantin of Markianopol. He passed away on May 23, 2017, at the age of 76.

Bishop Constantine (in the world Koicho Vasilev Petrov) was born on 18.05.1941 in the village of Zlatosel, Plovdiv. He graduated the Sofia Seminary „St. John Rilski „and the Spiritual Academy. On 03.03.1968 he was ordained a deacon, and on 10 March 1968 he was ordained a priest in the Sofia Diocese.

At the time of the schism at the BOC it was brought to Archimandrite dignity on 25.03.1997 and on 27.08. is hyporized as a bishop. Subsequently, the Orthodox Orthodox Assembly of 1998 was admitted to the canonical Bulgarian Orthodox Church with the title „Markyanopolski“ and was the obedience to the „spiritual supervisor of Sofia’s spiritual region“. Bishop Constantine served in the parish temple „St. Prophet Elijah „in the capital district of Knyazhevo. Delegate of the Sixth People’s Council, as well as of the Patriarchal Electoral Council.

Throughout the years, Bishop Constantine fulfilled various obedience to him by St. A Synod of the BOC and took part in most worship services related to the life of the Bulgarian Church. In recent years it was available to St. Synod, as in 2012, 2013 and 2014, celebrated the holiday worship on the occasion of the Easter holidays in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, in the Bulgarian community. In 2012, he takes part in the brewing of the Holy Oil of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Bishop Constantin of Markianopol will remain in the memory of the Bulgarian Church as a zealous servant who has served in the last days of his life honestly, honestly and strictly.

God rest his soul! Eternal and blessed to be his memory!

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