Начало / EN / A new Orthodox cathedral was opened in Warsaw, Poland

A new Orthodox cathedral was opened in Warsaw, Poland

A new Orthodox cathedral was sanctified in Warsaw, Poland. The sanctification was carried out by Polish Metropolitan Sava.

Three years ago, the main stone of the new Orthodox cathedral in Poland, bearing the name „St. Sofia – Wisdom of God „. Metropolitans from the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches honored the feast of the Polish Church. „In order to participate in the great spiritual celebration, Orthodox Christians came not only from Warsaw but also from all over Poland,“ Poland’s Orthodox Church reported on its website.

Representatives of the Roman Catholic Church as well as other Christian denominations in Poland were present at the Worship.

In his speech, Metropolitan Sava said that today is one of the biggest religious festivals of the recent history of the Polish Orthodox Church. He thanks everyone who works every day for the construction of the temple, donors and sponsors as well.

At the end of the celebration, the cross was consecrated, which was later laid out on the church dome, and the Orthodox Christians were given a blessed meal.

Photos: Polish Orthodox Church

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