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The Metropolitan of Vratsa sanctified a new chapel

Today, the Metropolitan of Vratsa Grigory sanctified the newly built Orthodox church „St. Spirit „in the village of Ohoden in Vratsa.

The priesthood of the diocese also took part in the Holy Liturgy. „The life of an Orthodox Christian is unthinkable without an Orthodox church in the settlement. In the temple, Jesus Christ is always present during the Holy Eucharist and other worship, and the believers come to the sacrament and enjoy the graceful sacraments of the Holy Church. Let this temple in your village unite you, to be for unity and to strengthen your faith „- wished the bishop of the multitude gathered.

11 (2)Among the official guests of this spiritual celebration were the mayor of the municipality of Vratsa Kalin Kamenov, the district governor Malina Nikolova, the deputy regional governor Miroslav Komitski, mayors of settlements from the region.

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